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Three Tiered High Tea At The Fairmont Empress, Victoria, Vancouver Island. B.C.

October 28, 2007

With all the pomp and ceremony that a plush hotel like the Fairmont Empress can muster, we were indulged in royally. The interior’s décor is austere and somber, requiring a demeanor to fit the mood: a soft spoken voice, a quiet sipping of tea, demanding our tea drinking manners to be upgraded somewhat.

The imposing foyer.

Courtesy of N.

Tea pots large and silver graced each small tea table as well as the three tiered cake rack filled with delicacies.

Before we dug in.

Courtesy of N.

There were cucumber sandwiches (the crusts removed), anchovy paste sandwiches (oh stop gagging), scones with jam and clotted cream (now you can “yummm”), little chocolate mousse morsels, strawberries dipped in chocolate, cookies extraordinaire, cherries and peaches doused in some liquor type substance and more cups of tea – filled with the hotel’s proprietary blend. It became the main meal of the day.

Après le déluge!

Copyright © 2007

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