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Pre and Postprandial Thanksgiving 2007.

November 25, 2007

On leaving the Chicago area the day before Thanksgiving to drive to Ohio, we hit the worst traffic, the worst weather and the worst time of day to leave; it was early afternoon and we had 400 miles to drive. Our history told us that there were better places for N and me to be than on a long car trip together. He likes to drive, so do I. I like to listen to books on tape, he doesn’t; I like music interspersed with that novel on CD, he likes silence. Silence for 6 hours, if he’s driving, is a little crazy making for me. Listening to whatever it is I like to listen to, is crazy making for him. That’s why he likes to drive; the driver gets to have control over the airwaves. That’s why I like to drive. (Plus, I really enjoy driving and drive faster than he does.)

We also had our greyhound Gracie with us as we didn’t want to board her for the few days we were going to be away; she had the back of my CRV to herself, with a few thicknesses of old blankets and towels to allow her bony body some degree of comfort. Greyhounds have only 3% body fat, so lying on a hard surface is most uncomfortable for them.

After 1 1/2 hours in the car and still not free of Chicago’s crappy weather and traffic, N decided he wanted to turn around and go home as we wouldn’t get to our destination until midnight; this was something I wouldn’t even consider as I had made a commitment to be with my son and his family for Thanksgiving. I told N he would have to get out the car and hitch a ride home if that’s what he wanted to do. He obviously didn’t do that, but griped and groaned for the next hour until we crossed into Indiana and the traffic started to move like traffic is supposed to on an expressway. Thank goodness the speed limit in Indiana is 70 miles an hour, so we were able to get rid of some pent up energy zipping through that state. The rest of the trip was fairly uneventful although long – and silent as N insisted on driving the whole way………something about the roads might be slippery and it would be safer if he drove. It took us 8 hours to make a trip that usually takes 6.

Our Thanksgiving visit was wonderful, with us (as usual) over indulging on the great dinner my son and his wife put together. And Gracie was a trooper behaving like a well seasoned traveler, which she isn’t, only throwing up on the return journey; a “habit” she has developed since taking any car trip longer than a half hour.

Hope all your Thanksgivings were safe and wonderful too.

Image from a Moving Car. Somewhere in Indiana at 70 mph on the return trip.

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