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By the Sea, with the Sea and from the Sea.

December 26, 2007

One of the many restaurants we dined at in Tahiti, was next to the lagoon.

Spotlights on the deck railing shone on the water as it lapped gently on the shore. The lights attracted small flying insects which in turn attracted small fish that took advantage of the easy meal. Watching these very small fish was a little disconcerting when this unusually stuffed fish I had ordered was brought to the table.

In the muted light I could delicately pick at the meal in front of me as long as the fish eyes faced in the opposite direction. Okay, I was a vegetarian for 16 years until a couple of years ago, and sometimes it’s hard for me to eat anything with a face. (It was pretty good though.)

The salads and vegetables were all so fresh and tasty and I suspect came from Le Marché, the indoor market in downtown Papeete, where they sell many kinds of delectable goodies.
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Photo courtesy N.

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