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Heck Of A Spiffy Tie; Or, Does Clothing Maketh The Man? To Borrow From Mark Twain, “Clothes (do) make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.”

January 5, 2008

Being Saturday morning I was luxuriating in bed around 7 am for a few delicious moments, when N, dressed and ready to leave for his office to see his post op patients, leaned over the bed to plant a goodbye kiss on my cheek. Always dapper looking for work today was no exception, except this morning a comment accompanied his choice of dress, or rather his tie. “I decided not to wear a right wing, conservative tie today, but a left wing, liberal one,” he remarked (he’s a little into redundancy). In the early morning “blinds still drawn light,” I squinted as he leaned over me trying to make out what made this tie a left wing, liberal one. Even with the bedside light turned on, I was still trying to discern what would qualify this one as blue state material. In that instant I realized there must be a lacuna in my formal art education for me not to be able to find what it was I was supposed to be finding; which was?

Amidst swirls of purple, black and blue (not as awful as it sounds) and perhaps a splotch of orange, I was still a little mystified. “Is there a donkey hidden somewhere in the tie’s design?” I asked semi-logically. “No,” he guffawed “it’s just a more avant-garde looking tie.” Could have fooled me.

In our house politics is a topic we endeavor to stay away from; we are both outspoken in our beliefs and thankfully have given up trying to sway the other from a most obdurate position. He has anyway, but is magnanimous enough to admit that he’s been oh, so slightly influenced by me. Ha!

But I digress, because the tie episode this morning got me thinking about how well put together N looks in just about anything he wears. So, it’s not only for work that he looks good, but in his fly-fishing duds too, being tall, slender and not bad looking either. He has an athletic build that allows (almost) everything he dons to fit well; a veritable clothes horse (in a good sense). Uh huh, I’m working on that one for myself.

N in his favorite stance, fly-fishing off a boat in the Bahamas; looking cool in his duds. And socks. And cut-off gloves. And huge hat. Okay, not exactly dapper, but elegantly rumpled. And no, he’s not holding his pants up, nor does he have a back ache, nor a slipped right shoulder pad (nor any shoulder pad), it’s just a relaxed pose (with the wind billowing); that’s what fly-fishing does for him.

The fly-fishing theme somehow “inveigled” its way into this “Heck Of A Spiffy Tie” post, or you could say it’s a natural outgrowth from the last paragraph, or you could say I’m not staying focused. So if you don’t mind I’ll just follow it along and show you the glorious Bahamian beach and pier where we met the boat for N’s fly-fishing, and my photographing, adventure.

Where we were heading; out toward the mangroves with endless water and sky.

Copyright © 2008

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