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Lilly’s Pier And Canoe; Free From The Ice’s Grip Once Again.

January 14, 2008

Lilly’s house is, as they say,”on” the river. Sometimes in the spring with the melting snow and ice it appears to be even closer to the water, causing much consternation to the level headed, fun loving and kayaking champ. As a result of her perennial spring consternation, Lilly decided that perhaps she should raise her house so the overflowing river would stay below the bottom of her building. To do this, she needed expert help.

Through a friend, she was put in touch with an architect who, being recently retired, was able to go to her house to work with her formulating a “raise high the crawl space, carpenters,” plan. It was summer and the river has a habit of calling most of the time, so, the natural thing to do after working together was to go kayaking. Lilly showed C how easy it was to paddle and he took to this new water experience like a pro; well, with Lilly as coach that was a piece of cake. Of course, after kayaking one develops an appetite and it just so happens that Lilly is a fabulous cook. One thing led to another and before long C must have felt the need to reciprocate Lilly’s hospitality so began arriving at her door with his homemade bakery in hand; plus he was becoming quite an experienced kayaker.

Meanwhile Lilly’s friends were doing a “wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say nor more,” kind of thing out of her earshot. She was radiant, she was happy, she was (and still is) level headed, but don’t think she even allowed herself the possibility of falling in love. Again.
One day, thank God, they finally realized they were mad about each other; a middle aged madness that looks almost like the teen type but without the pimples. And were her friends relieved.

The river house used to be a hangout for some of Lilly’s close women friends, the “clubhouse” she wanted it to be called; we wined and dined there sharing intimate conversations and much laughter; but you know, we don’t mind having to share both the house and Lilly with such a sweet loving man. And nor does she.

Copyright © 2008

Photo courtesy Lilly.

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