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A Legend Hangs It Up. Or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Game.

March 4, 2008

I’m not much of a sports fan. I don’t watch baseball – way too slow and boring. Don’t watch basketball – having never lived in a place where the team was that good or anyone else in the house was interested in it. Plus too many hairy, sweaty armpits. Golf is out – tediously slow, overly monotonous and green. Car racing….ugh (self explanatory). Boxing – dangerous and should be banned. Sumo wrestling is a giggle, although I worry about the excessive poundage the men have to carry around and the possibility of their giant jockstraps slipping. Tennis – only if it’s Wimbledon and there are riveting volleys. Extreme sports – far too extreme, but okay to watch for a few seconds. Soccer – I’ve dutifully sat through real live matches on Sunday afternoons, in all kinds of weather, egging on my children for years. None of them really took to the sport, so I didn’t either. But, I have been known to watch football if the team is of interest to me (or now if N is watching). So today’s announcement that Brett Favre is hanging it all up, brought a little lump to the throat.

Many years ago, when the Packers were the team where I lived, my then young son, Z, showed a great interest in the game. My husband at the time and I had no interest whatsoever – looking blankly at anyone who talked about football – but decided we should make an effort to watch with our son. We thought it might be a great bonding opportunity and we’d learn something. Well, am not sure I learned much, and we seemed to bond okay but I began to enjoy watching the game solely because of Brett Favre; he made football exciting and fun. Z began to understand the plays and rules right from the get go, which neither my ex or I seemed to cotton onto, but I didn’t care because I was able to get into the fun and thrill of it all. Sometimes to Z’s annoyance I seemed to get into it too much – standing up and yelling at either the offense or defense if they did something great or foolish or anywhere in between. This was much to Z’s chagrin, as he invariably had friends over. MOM!

Z still enjoys watching, although college and its attendant activities occupy much of his “game watching time,” but then Favre hasn’t been playing as well as he did a few years ago either. This has usually elicited disappointed groans from both of us when we’ve had the opportunity to watch together, or groans on the cell-phone during our post game discussions. We are pretty skilled at “Monday morning quarterbacking.”

So what I’m hoping for (I can dream can’t I?) is that someone just (well almost) as great as Favre will come along and keep my football watching “gland” stimulated. Or at the very least Z and I (and now N too) will be able to continue our post-game discussions, even though I’m not nearly as informed as I could or should be.

Hutt, hutt………

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