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A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss, But Some Stationary Vehicles Might Have A Tendency To Do So.

April 27, 2008

Readers may remember that a couple of weeks ago I wrote about N and I strolling through a grand forest on the island, where moss abounds covering almost every living – or once lived – organic vertical and horizontal surface; just about anything that’s able to stay motionless for a while. (The definition of “while” in this instance could range from a nanosecond to eons.) But yesterday I discovered this old car and realized that moss does grow on just about anything whether it was once alive or not. For those folk who anthropo- morphize about their vehicles, I do understand – mine has a name too – but I think you can get the point.

In addition to the mossy windshield, roof and hood, there’s also a smattering of lichen. It takes the oft seen scrawl written in dust on a dirty vehicle, “Wash me,” to new heights.

At the car wash
Talkin’ about the car wash yeah!
Come on and sing it for me car wash.
Car wash yeah!


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