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We’re Having A Heat Wave, A Temperate Zone Heat Wave………

May 18, 2008

Yesterday was a record breaking temperature day in Seattle, for this time of the year; it reached 90 degrees. Here on the island it was a little cooler, tempting everyone to be outside all the day long. When we returned from a delicious dinner downtown, the island was still humming: dogs out with their “owners,” children on every street corner, people strolling arm in arm and cyclists swarming. Even lawn mowers kept up their annoying drone as long as there was daylight.

A modified 250cc racing lawnmower

We slept with the deck door open last night allowing the night sounds in, and this morning the gentle ocean breeze wafted through reminding us that we are indeed that close to water. Carried along on the scented air were chirps from the robin whose nest is below deck under our bedroom; as well as various and other sundry birds whose songs are still unfamiliar to me.

The nest is about 13 cm (5 in) across

As I stood gazing out at the water over the blossoming lilacs, the purple blossomed tree to one corner of the yard, the white to the other, I became acutely aware of how much I needed to be gardening again.

I wanted to plunge my hands into the warm most soil, savoring that earthy smell and imagine young plants filling newly dug beds until their stems and flowers eventually billow over onto the pathway, allowing no weeds to take root. In the early morning I would slowly water each plant, noticing new leaves and shoots as they inch their way upward.


I want to learn about – and plant – new and (to me) less familiar NW flora; to finally have our own home so I can make the garden the way I would like it to be: herbaceous borders (which N cringes at – too wild and out of control looking for him), winding paths, hidden places so the garden reveals itself slowly to the observer rather than all at once. My secret garden.

So I’m off to spend some time at the garden center where I can peruse and choose the plants for our yet to be found and purchased home. (A girl just has to dream.)

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