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Summer Solstice, Here We Come.

June 16, 2008

We had a bright blue sky yesterday (oh, don’t all groan); that delicious mix of cerulean with a dab of prussian and ultramarine. The light was crisp and clear due to a cloudless sky. We had sunshine and we had temperatures that didn’t require an overcoat or scarf, just the donning of a heavy sweater – the kind we wear around the holidays – nubbly and cuddly – minus the reindeer please.

It is the middle of June after all, close to the summer solstice so isn’t it time for a warm up out here in the Pacific NW “Tundra.” I’m griping about the weather again I know, although I’m extremely concerned about global warming. I realize that some of the weird climatic events happening in the world are perhaps a result of this, but is it also the reason for the anomaly we are experiencing here in the form of unseasonably cool weather. Maybe so. However, being Sunday and Father’s Day to boot, everyone was outside enjoying the very “early spring” day and we were no exception.

And being Father’s Day, N decided a walk on the sunny side of the park would be in order. It was a good day for taking photos too. As we strolled along, N had to stop and wait while I pointed my camera nearly every step of the way. This was to be a long slow walk. It was a light and shade kind of day, and as usual he was a sweetie about our morning meander being interrupted.

Each narrow pathway leading off the main path was like an exploratory operation to N. At the entrance to the park, he had refused a map of the place, thinking we were old hands at roaming those grounds; but my “not too great sense” of direction would be no help if N couldn’t remember the way back to the car.

But no pressure on N – he actually enjoys the idea of getting lost. So I leave it all in his capable hands to return us to civilization. And he (usually) does.

After a glorious pre-summer solstice type day, we headed back to that civilization and a favorite Thai restaurant (where every other family on the island seemed to be) and filled ourselves (almost) to stuffing point. Just give me spices and I’m happy; my “tachyphylaxis” gland is able to cope with a 5 out of 5 in the “fiery foods” heat index; unfortunately when it comes to the sun’s heat, I prefer a 1 out of 5. So perhaps I should enjoy our cool pre-solstice weather and keep my mouth shut.

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  1. Abra permalink
    June 17, 2008 6:34 am

    Hey, it’s constantly cool and raining in the south of France too. Climate change is not our friend.

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