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Dazzled By The Morning Light. Or Should I Use Sun-Block In Bed.

July 14, 2008

My hair gets bleached just lying in bed. I’m probably cultivating a tan too. (Does one need sunblock indoors? Maybe so as window glass doesn’t block harmful rays – tinted windows do limit UVA exposure a bit.) At the very least I’m sopping up a whopping daily dose of sunshine – minus the few piddling UV rays that might be blocked by the ceiling to floor, length of the wall, sliding door/window, or by a wall of pillows – should I ever choose to build one – to block out the sun’s rays.

Sunburn, photographed 2 days after a 5-hour sun exposure. The dark red area is sunburned. The normal-colored skin was covered by the woman's suit during exposure.

And I haven’t been coating myself with sunblock. How attractive would that be going to sleep covered in white goop; besides its effectiveness will have worn off by morning.

The house we’ve rented on “our” island faces east allowing the rising sun to rise in our bedroom. So it seems. Each summer morning very early we’re dazzled by the light and as there are no window treatments, I sometimes have to don a pair of sunglasses in order to look at N. (He is my ray of sunshine after all.)

N12453669 33496749 5845.jpg

By the time I’m fully awake, I’m also fully cooked. The room is ablaze with light, the temperature has soared, although on occasion a sweet ocean breeze will infiltrate the space through the slightly open sliding door, allowing both N and I to rise to the warmth of a new day. Once in a while when I step onto the wooden deck, I’ll notice that the outside air has a surprising nip to it; a decidedly refreshing shock from the stifling heat of the bedroom, which, during the course of the sun’s, so far, short morning appearance, seems to have become a veritable hothouse (that would be a heated greenhouse), minus the greenery.

Nymphaea at the botanical Garden in Braunschweig, Germany

Upon some self reflection I’m guessing there might just be a small moral to this story, this minor dilemma, that I should perhaps pay attention to. And although it goes against the grain, my grain, and royally messes with my circadian rhythms, perhaps I’m going to have to get out of bed literally at the crack of dawn.

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  1. Abra permalink
    July 22, 2008 5:27 am

    The moral is: sleep with the door all the way open!!!

  2. islandlass permalink*
    July 22, 2008 4:21 pm

    Aah, we do and it’s just divine! We love this place!

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