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Whether Creating Sculpture Or Mixed Media Work, This Artist Eats, Sleeps, Breathes and Dreams Of Having A Working Studio Again.

July 23, 2008

Because we’re in the process of moving, I have been without a studio for almost 3 months. And that’s bad. I know how bad it is when the overwhelming urge to bite doorknobs creeps up on me. I need to create. I have to create; there’s nothing else to do with my time. Or my mind. Or my energy. It’s what I do.


“Eye Of The Buddha.” 1997. (Bronze and Steel.)

77″h x 28″w x 19″ d


We have not yet found a house to buy, so have again rented a house on “our” island. But I’m going to have to keep my teeth clenched for another month or two until we move into that house, where I can make as much dust and other kinds of “mess” to my heart’s content in a separate studio. I can now dream and plan as to how I’m going to proceed where I left off. (As if I haven’t been doing that for the past 11 weeks and 3 days.)

Pueblo,” 1999. (Bronze and Wood.)

57″h x 26″w x 12″ d


My mind has been constantly “cooking:” creating sculpture and mixed media work whether I’m awake or dreaming. I’ve been mentally filing away ideas as to how I’m going to proceed, all the while reminding myself that I’ve been a professional artist for a couple of decades now, and although this is the first time I’ve been without a studio for a few months, the familiarity of working with my head, hands and heart, will return.

“Flame Thrower,” 2008 (Mixed Media.)



“Untitled,” 2008. (Mixed Media.)



So in a relatively short while (although it’ll seem like a long, long while), N and I will pack up most of our stuff from the house (and my old studio) in the Midwest and drive across country with our sweet, sweet greyhound, Gracie. And that in itself will be quite an adventure. A six or seven day kind of adventure.


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