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On Leaving Our Temporary Island Home.

August 27, 2008

Today we head back to the Midwest, saying adieu to our temporary island home. We have spent the last year on and off in a delightful rental house with an ocean view and will be sad to let it go. When we return to the island in October it will be a more permanent move to a different house that has a studio space for me.

When we first arrived on the island and rented this fully furnished  house, I was a little ill at ease about being surrounded by, and using, someone else’s possessions. I felt like a snoop. There I was going through kitchen drawers and cupboards to see what “secrets” they held, nosing through bookshelves and checking out the CD collection, feeling a little guilty; I had to keep reminding myself as to how the heck I would know what was in the house if I didn’t look around.

Each time we returned to the island and walked through the front door it felt a little more like home. I don’t remember how many repetitions it took before we were totally at ease and felt like the place was “ours,” I think it just crept up on us. 

Everything became familiar, but the trouble with that was I also felt that by getting to know the art on the walls, books on the shelves, CD’s in the rack, spices in the kitchen, the furniture, the plantings etc, I was getting to know our landlords a little better. Now I think that’s only partly true and possible, but the caveat here is, and I’m making a rather flimsy analogy with morning show TV personalities and NPR hosts (because with all the visual information at our disposal in this house we have a fuller picture of our landlords than my TV/radio example), that one has a sense of “knowing” someone based on what they say, how they dress (works well for radio) and behave etc. Where in actuality one is perhaps only getting a miniscule, teeny weeny glimpse into the multi-dimensionality of that individual.  

Are we our looks, our dress, our possessions, our jobs? Well, no but perhaps a little bit of yes.  

So I’ll bid adieu to the view from the deck……….

To the grasses and sedum……….

And the small forest next door………

Farewell to the entrance hall vignette………

The piece of sculpture seen through a window………

And dishes on the shelf…………

Goodbye to the view through a window……..

And an unusual cloud formation at dusk……..

And thank you for sheltering us from the storm.

3 Comments leave one →
  1. Abra Bennett permalink
    September 2, 2008 8:41 pm

    Sweet, very sweet, and may the force be with you wherever you go.

  2. Abra Bennett permalink
    September 2, 2008 8:44 pm

    Oh, and Hil, that woman in the hat in the entry way…painted by Sally, former ower of your new home.

  3. Abra Bennett permalink
    September 2, 2008 8:44 pm

    owner, that is

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