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It’s A War Zone Out There. Or Is It In Here?

September 8, 2008

Merriam Webster defines “Politics” as: a) the art or science of government, b) the art or science concerned with guiding or influencing governmental policy, c) the art or science of winning and holding control over a government.

According to Wikipedia, “Politics” is the process by which groups of people make decisions. The term is generally applied to behavior within civil governments, but politics has been observed in all (emphasis mine) human group interactions, including corporate, academic and religious institutions.

Including households. The behavior in our household between two “groups” (the term “group” in this case is used somewhat facetiously as it consists of only one person) of people with diverse view points has been, up until recently, a manageable undertaking. I’ve looked to the likes of Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mary Matalin and James Carville to see that despite their 180 degree political positions, they seem to have agreed to disagree; Carville and Matalin even make a living at disagreeing. So I have been fairly hopeful. 

N and I have been cautiously “observing” each other’s political stance for some time now, respectfully disagreeing (we haven’t resorted to fisticuffs yet), then gulping a few deep breaths and leaving the room. That is until the run up to the upcoming election.

I don’t usually write about politics; and I’m not going to do so here; except to mention that it’s becoming a war zone in our house. 


As you might have gathered, N and I have such opposing view points, we shock each other at times. I shall refrain from stating what those are, suffice it to say that neither of us can comprehend the other’s side and both of us think we are right. Except that I know that I am. How could anyone possibly think the way he does.

Amazon preparing for the battle (Queen Antiope or Armed Venus) - Pierre-Eugene-Emile Hebert 1860 - NG of Arts Wash DC.jpg

So N’s mounted his trusty steed and I can be seen taking an arrow out of its quiver; we’re readying ourselves for battle. But that means there’ll have to be a winner, and if there’s a winner there has to be a loser. And neither of us is too crazy about that idea. So unlike the pros mentioned above, we’ve decided that we’re not going to agree to disagree (for now anyway), we’re going to completely and absolutely avoid any political hot buttons for as long as we can, even if it means buttoning our lips.

Stay tuned. 

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  1. Abra Bennett permalink
    September 17, 2008 9:29 am

    Yup, that’s what we do too. Certain things we just don’t discuss. Of course, Himself would like to, so he could try with might and main (what is main, anyway?) to prove me wrong, but I just refuse to talk about them. Makes life a whole lot easier. Fortunately, though, we’re on the same side in the upcoming election.

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