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Happy First Birthday Dear Blog.

September 12, 2008

As time is wont to do now and then, it crept up on me while I was semi oblivious, or busy with other things (like getting ready to move across country), so had no time to prepare a celebration with all it’s attendant hoopla: food and gifts, cards, balloons and streamers etc, etc,. Now I realize that even the subtle hints from the blog itself (with a name like Islandlass, I think it must be a she ) went unnoticed. I don’t speak binary very well, so couldn’t decipher the code that kept popping up on my monitor, which almost convinced me it was on the fritz; nor did it dawn on me – until today – that although I had noticed the occasional dropped mouse or battery pack left lying on the carpet next to magazine centerfolds displaying party prep extravaganzas, I didn’t put two and two together. How dumb was that.

But, had I thought of celebrating this first birthday of Islandlass, I’m not sure I would have succumbed to a cake as ornate (resembling the wedding kind), as the one below, but might have opted for something more casual. 

Birthday cake contemporary.jpg

This is more like the after birthday celebration I might have had, had I planned ahead (with a glass or two of wine thrown in for good measure). But being a blog, I suspected the absence of a party would go unnoticed. Obviously I was wrong. Despite my failure to organize a formal, informal celebration, I have to say that this past year has been one of much fun, much research and a heck of a lot of writing; far more than I have ever done before.

After the party.jpg 

So here’s to another year of blogging, to adventures and to meeting new people. And thank you dear reader for your past year of readership, for without you I would only be “talking” to myself.

An Advent candle burning on the fourth day of December.

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