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On Wisconsin!

September 23, 2008

This is the last of the photographs driving through Wisconsin. Promise. I think that because we are shortly leaving the Midwest and heading west, I am having to work my way through some long goodbyes. (Which I will not inflict on you, unless I just have to.)

The colors of the Midwest, the ubiquitous cornfields that are “interchangeable” with soybeans, otherwise known as crop rotation around here – not – are going to “morph” into evergreen forests, much drizzle and occasionally blue oceans. 

We’re used to the landscape we are about to leave: the flatness, the bland bands of green capped with hot blue skies. That’s summer, and we’ve loved it.  

Winter is a frigid story: all white and nowhere to go. Tired of shoveling and walking our greyhound through knee deep snow, we’re opting for less chill but more rain. We’ll see how well that pans out.

We don’t have a back up plan; no second choice; no driving south to California to check it out, nor Oregon, South Carolina or Virginia; it’s to the Pacific Northwest. Forever.

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