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Anatomy Of A Greyhound.

September 24, 2008

Being the sweet and patient dog that she almost always is, Gracie put up with my crawling around her toothy, semi open mouth while she, at times, she feigned taking a nap.

As she lay stretched out on the floor, I marveled at her long slender limbs; limbs built for speed and rapid acceleration; her lean torso with muscular chest; the narrow hips, powerful thighs that make up this aerodynamic beauty.  

The silky soft eminently “patable” ears that flatten back against her head when she runs (which she now only does for pleasure; her racing days thankfully over).

Then there’s her (not photographed), long narrow tail, thin as a stick, which extends behind her when she moves, which contributes to making this dog the second fastest accelerating creature on the planet (after the cheetah). But it’s her intelligence, gentle nature and out-going personality that makes her a very special breed indeed. Especially so after a career, albeit a short one, of having to literally earn her, often miserable, keep.

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