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Westward Ho!

October 10, 2008

October 9th was D Day, our D Day; D for departure. 2,000 miles of driving with our greyhound across the country to the state of Washington; a journey that I had blocked from my mind because there was so much to do to get ready for it, and the mere thought of driving all that way with a large dog, who seems to get car sick on long journeys, was not a happy thought. (Even though Gracie does not always do well on a long trip, she goes bonkers with delight when I pick up my car keys and say the word “car.” She leaps into it with her dog smiley face.) 

One last check on the very full truck before closing the door; doing a last run through the still partially furnished house in Illinois, then clambering into our respective vehicles for the start of our great adventure westward.

For the first couple of hours we traveled through picturesque, autumnal Wisconsin to spend out first night in Minnesota. 

Stopping for gas for the umpteenth time so N could tank up the rented, gas guzzling truck (Gracie and I are traveling in my much more economical car), I couldn’t help but be amused by this sign next to a building.

The dry corn stalks in the fields lend a glorious surround for this quaint, seemingly empty and “ancient” farmhouse.

Entering South Dakota.

At the rest stop for dog and humans, Gracie noticed the cattle (probably for the first time in her life), they noticed her and began inching away from their spot next to the fence and this little chapel.

Tomorrow, it’s to Wyoming where it’s supposedly going to snow, big time. We might end up staying a while. Glad we have plenty of dog food. For Gracie.

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