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Are We There Yet?

October 20, 2008

I believe we are. Sort of. Well our bodies are, but, speaking only for myself (and perhaps greyhound Gracie who still seems a little out of it), my head is somewhere in the Rockies. In the blizzard we got involved with. Or maybe it was the cloud cluttered Cascades.

My body is roaming around our rented abode on the island while my brain resembles that of a zombie (if “it” only had a brain). Moving sucks. And traveling by car for 2,000 miles and 6 days to accomplish that feels as if we now require a period of recuperation. I’m emulating a wuss and I’m not proud of it. Plus we can’t find stuff; it looks like there are more boxes than we set out with from the Midwest, but the goodies inside them seem unrecognizable.  

But I woke up yesterday morning and this was the view my eyes took in.


I think I’m going to get used to this place; rowing teams, cormorants and all.

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