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Gracie’s An Island Dog.

October 29, 2008

This is a dog friendly island.

Canines are welcome just about everywhere: sidewalks, stately evergreen forests, beaches (“picking up” after one’s dog goes without saying), and most stores; although, for obvious reasons, not the food selling kind. (Once N, while out with Gracie on their morning walk, “snuck” into a coffee shop with her at 6:30 am to buy a muffin for me, where apparently the staff went, “wink, wink, nod, nod, we’ll overlook the ‘interloper’ just this once because there’s no-one else around; please don’t do it again.” But he did.)

Strolling downtown on a Saturday morning with one’s four-legged pal seems to be de rigueur. Folk can be seen with their breed of choice mingling with the coffee drinking crowds. There are dog bowls filled with water in strategic places and free dog kibble (take just a few please) in some stores; and it’s amazing when walking with one’s dog, how many people stop to chat.

All tastes abound. There are the West Highland terrier aficionados, Labrador retriever groups, Wheaton terrier devotees, Greyhound lovers, you name it, dogs large and small have their following; owners who “know” their dog is the most intelligent, has the sweetest nature and is the best looking of them all. Which, of course, Gracie is.

Gracie’s first Saturday outing downtown, meeting another greyhound.

At the farmer’s market.

She’s the elegant “pooch;” a muscular and streamlined canine; not the fluffy lap dog type, nor the kind of dog to cuddle on the couch with (although greyhounds are called “45 mile an hour couch potatoes”); nor is she the assertive barking type; not the “I’ll fetch the stick, if you throw it,” kind either. She’s none of the above, but, at times she’s all of them.

Gracie greeting her first canine visitor to our island home.

But she’s always regal, beautiful, smart and sociable; and I think she’s beginning to like this island almost as much as N and I do. (Like most caretakers of the canine species, there are some things we humans just know about our dogs.)

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