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2008 Turner Prize Announced.

December 2, 2008
On December 1st it was announced that Mark Leckey won the prestigious (British) 2008 Turner Prize.

A witty meditation on the nature of film in popular culture taking in Felix the Cat, Homer Simpson, Titanic the movie and Philip Guston, tonight helped Mark Leckey win what is still acknowledged as the country’s most important contemporary art prize.

Birkenhead-born Leckey, professor of film studies at Frankfurt’s Städelschule, was presented with the Turner prize and its attendant £25,000 cheque by Nick Cave at a ceremony at Tate Britain, in London, broadcast live on Channel 4.

For a prize that has thrived on outraged headlines about unmade beds and lights being turned on and off, the most controversial thing about this year’s Turner prize was its lack of controversy. The most that critics could muster was half-hearted tut-tutting over an exhibit that featured a naked mannequin on the toilet. Many critics complained the exhibition was too dry, too academic and, worst of all, too dull.

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