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To The Orange Bowl We Go. (Or Went.)

January 11, 2009

The Sooners came and went. They lost the Orange Bowl again after a not overly inspiring game (on both sides). But what do I know about Bowls; I’m not  much of a sports fan and last Thursday evening was content to just experience the college football show of shows (having never been to a bowl game before, never mind “The Bowl of Bowls”).

Arriving at Dolphin Stadium.

It was an extravagant affair and we got VIP treatment traveling with the university “honchos” in a cavalcade  of coaches, including a police escort.

Although we were mostly surrounded by Sooner (Oklahoma) fans, we had a few vocal and enthusiastic Gator supporters in front of us, pushing the decibel levels to “dangerous” levels. And the freshmen Sooner fans directly behind us just had to “outdo” their loud opponents, by screaming in our ears. (I think I can still hear them.)

The night before the game, we had gone to an event the likes of which I’d never seen. Transporting, wining and dining hundreds of people in inclement weather under giant tents with a musical accompaniment, then taking them back to their respective hotels all within a couple of hours time period, was quite a feat. As was this six foot long tray of hors d’oeuvres.

Everything was in abundance.

Yes, Oklahoma lost and there were some unhappy people in our midst, but for N and I the few days in Miami cavorting in the sun with family, was worth far more than the disappointing outcome of the game.

Number One?! Maybe next year.

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