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More On The Armory Show, March 5th – 8th 2009.

March 18, 2009

I do so appreciate being able to view James Kalm’s videos of various art shows and his commentary. Thank you James!

James Kalm strides up the West Side Highway to Pier 94 for this years edition of the Armory Show. Despite tremors of the recession and fear of a collapsing financial market, revelers, dealers and collectors are out in force to take in the latest offerings from the art market. This is the first of an anticipated series of reports to document the Armory Show and its ancillary fairs and goings on.

James Kalm returns to the Armory Show to peruse the newly added Modern pier. In this episode viewers can glimpse works by Jackson Pollock, Lee Krasner, Philip Guston, George Grosz as well as many contemporary examples, like Anselm Keifer and Cecily Brown. The epilog presents Kalms observation as the most tiresome cliché of this fair season, so far, neon text pieces.

Thanks to Jerry Saltz from New York Magazine as well.

New York’s Jerry Saltz visited the 2009 Armory Show (open through Sunday), what he calls a big market, a convention, a gigantic sleepover — its also a way for art dealers, hopefully, to sell art. Watch the video to see a Damien Hirst dot painting for $500,000 and what Saltz considers the ugliest piece of art that could possibly be made in 2009.

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