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Tarpon Under The Bridge.

April 3, 2009

N has been fly-fishing again.

This time off the Florida coast for tarpon. As the perennial “tag-along” – which is great as I get to go places I wouldn’t normally (choose to) go to – I got to spend a few hours in the boat with him off the coast of downtown Miami – at times under a bridge.

There’s something a little bit odd about sitting in a small boat under the causeway/bridge in close proximity to a big city watching someone trying to lure a large tarpon onto their fly-line. Depending on which way the tides are going and where the shallow water happens to be at that moment, it’s the place where the favorite tarpon food – shrimp, crab and small bait fish – hang out. And in this location under the bridge, I could hear the traffic thundering overhead, inhale the odiferous pong of cormorant and other bird poop gracing the concrete pilings, while N was lost in his world of fish and man. The skyline was a more colorful skyline than other cities, and the ocean was sublime, as only an ocean can be.


The wild life out of the water added to the day’s imagery……………………..

And experience.

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