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April In South Beach.

April 14, 2009

On our visit to the Miami area ten days ago, we spent a day strolling around South Beach. As we stepped onto the board-walk I felt a sudden “rush” of self consciousness: I felt chubby (am not), not hep ( a possibility), ignorant of any language other than English (mostly true), and way over-dressed (not clad scantily enough) for that tropical climate. My fellow sidewalk walkers had the advantage over me: most looked fabulous and tanned. Although some were scantily dressed and looked great, others should have looked in the mirror before leaving home. (Perhaps they did.) 

On every street corner were restaurants; at each one an attractive young woman endeavored to entice new customers with a wave of the menu and a plea to check it out.

We were easy targets and complied, being that we were starving and it was lunch time…………………

Art deco buildings abound  along with the “beautiful” people………………

And the food was great, but people watching added a richness to the whole experience…………….

Did I mention the colorful buildings?

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