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Painters Return To Turner Prize Shortlist.

April 29, 2009
From  The Guardian.  

Roger Hiorns' installation Seizure

Roger Hiorns’ installation Seizure. Photograph: Sarah Lee

Critics of the Turner prize are used to harrumphing crossly about the absence of painting or drawing from the award’s shortlist, and condemning a perceived preponderance of video or film work.

This year, by contrast, video artists are absent from the shortlist. Instead, it includes a painter who makes figurative work, an artist whose practice has recently stretched from drawing to sculpture, and another whom the judges called “a modern fresco painter”.

The four shortlisted artists – who create intriguing, involving, frankly beautiful work, according to the judges – are Enrico David, Roger Hiorns, Lucy Skaer and Richard Wright.

According to curator Andrea Schlieker, one of the judges: “I think this is work that the public will be able to relate to very easily – this is strongly material, seductive art.”

Read more at: Painters make a splash on Turner list

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