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A Night Of “Prowlers.”

May 5, 2009

If one has a passion towards collecting objects; if one is an is an aficionado of one thing or another, then I suppose an attachment/attraction to an automobile is as good as any. And I also suppose that vehicle could just as easily be a Prowler.

Last Friday night we arrived at one of our favorite restaurant’s to find the parking lot full of Prowlers. There were a variety of colors, but to this Prowler unfamiliar eye, the cars looked virtually identical in shape and form. 

While the vehicles were crammed into the parking lot, their respective owners were spread out on the patio, glass in hand, admiring each other’s vehicle and exchanging Prowler stories. (Of that I’m sure.)

When I crouched down to photograph some of them, I noticed that each vehicle had a cartoonish malevolence about it; a mischievous looking “face” that grinned through its grille. 


Their drivers looked well heeled and satisfied, content with their choice of vehicle. Which on reading the  license plates I saw that the cars had been driven in from all over the western US. 


But if all the driver’s dinners were as good as ours, I know it was worth the long trip.

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