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Arrivederci Genoa, Naples, Capri, Amalfi, Paiano And More.

May 24, 2009

I had every intention of posting to this blog on a fairly regular basis while we were away, but getting charged excessive euros for Wifi on board the ship, I decided to only use the the air time to keep in touch with my family. Every hotel I’ve ever stayed in has offered free Wifi, but “our” overly crowded, virtually new and expensive ship charged for every little so-called extra. Even a cup of coffee after the already paid for meals, was additional.

Yes, we were on a cruise, our first, and even though it was mostly enjoyable (especially when we disembarked at a port), it’s probably going to be our last. (Unless we can find one on a less behemoth-like tub.) It was way too big (we got lost every day), too crowded (I love meeting new people, but over 3500 passengers and heaven knows how many crew members, exceeds my “alloted” attention span available for making new connections), and because of the abundance of humanity it was very noisy. But the biggest disappointment was that the food was not that great. 

However, the people in our immediate group were, great that is, and as a result much laughter and interesting conversation flowed and new friends were made.

After cruising for a week around the Mediterranean stopping at many different ports, we disembarked in Naples, from there we were driven to the glorious Amalfi coast where we spent three days. Being driven along the narrow twisting roads, zig-zagging around limestone cliffs caused  many “eeks” to be uttered from my fellow bus companions; arriving at our destination elicited sighs of relief.

I always felt better on the water looking up at the winding roads than I did from being on them. So a trip by boat to the Isle of Capri was a far more “comfortable” ride, to me, than the bus. Here we are arriving in Capri………………

This glorious little island with it’s fancy shops and hotels is a playground of the rich and famous. Despite that it was a delight to visit and to roam the narrow streets up and down hill, with the mix of different languages filling the warm, sunny air.


To be continued…………………….

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  1. susan falkman permalink
    May 28, 2009 3:04 pm

    Even though you are once again moving, now on your island home, I want more of the “to be continued” details of your most recent travels. I will be patient as you get settled,but, “Oh you have wet my appetite.” always, the chant, “more more,”

    unless you are Poe, and then it is of course “Nevermore…”

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