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Things Are Heating Up………..

July 30, 2009

As I’ve mentioned in a few earlier posts, one of the main reasons N and I moved to the Pacific Northwest was to get away from extreme temperatures in the Midwest. We arrived here last October and two months later were bombarded by the worst cold and snowfalls they had had in a gazillion years.

During the past few balmy, delicious months we’ve slid along the continuum from frigid chills to finally allowing oppressive heat its chance. So we’ve cranked the thermometer up to over 100 degrees, no messing around with wimpy 80’s and 90’s for us, we’re going all the way to sizzle.

Under these extreme conditions, anyone who has to work outside or in spaces like airplane hangars – you know the metal shell that’s probably 300 degrees inside – I take my hat off to. Because all I seem to think about is being cooler than I actually am at any given moment. Although I find it very annoying and shallow when others resort to it, I would like to just lie around and grumble about this sticky, wet, oppressive atmosphere (like I seem to be doing now except I’m upright), and ponder how it must feel to be a hippo (albeit a more slender one) searching for, then finding cool mud to wallow in.

Virtually no-one has air-conditioning on the island, including us, but I’m embarrassed to say that in the past few days, I’ve found myself perusing those advertisement sheets that fall out of one’s newspaper – usually going straight  to the recycle bin – to see what kind of deals there are on window units. As if there would be any available. Yet despite this lethargy and  ennui, yesterday I was able to spend a full day in the studio with every window flung open and one of our diminutive fans blasting my face, our greyhound Gracie lying at my feet in a perpetual pant. I frequently interrupted my work to spritz her body with cool water. Greyhounds heat up quickly, so she enjoyed the cool spray, as did I.

And not a soul was to be seen sitting outside, despite the fact that in the PNW sunlight is not always a given, unless accompanied by a few thousand feet of clouds and spittles of rain.

So for now placing fans in strategic positions is a sine qua non for our sky rocketing temperatures  (no, this one is not in close proximity to water), which sometimes feels almost  pointless.

Am off to find my cool, muddy watering hole, which for now now looks a lot like my studio.

Please stay cool and make sure your pets do too!

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