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Niki de St. Phalle and Other Women Artists

August 11, 2009

Celebrating the Female Artist at the Pompidou 

Photo by Marguerite Suozzi
“Crucifixion,” left, and “La Mariée” (both 1963) by Niki de St. Phalle, at the “elles@centrepompidou” exhibit in Paris.

PARIS | While an exhibition dedicated purely to female artists may not seem particularly innovative or revolutionary, the sheer scope of “elles@centrepompidou,” a vast exhibit — over 500 works by 200 artists are on display — at the Centre Pompidou (Place Georges Pompidou, Rue Beaubourg; 33-44-78-12-33; makes it noteworthy.

The exhibit is also a reminder of the social progress that has been made since the days when female artists and writers adopted male pseudonyms to gain recognition for their work. It was only a lifetime ago, in 1937, when Hans Hoffman said of a painting by one of his students, Lee Krasner, “This is so good, you would not know it was painted by a woman.”

“It’s a very un-French thing to do,” Camile Morineau, the exhibit’s curator, told the Los Angeles Times; she believes that the feminist movement has had a larger impact in the United States and other parts of Europe than in France.


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