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The “Backlash” Following Antony Gormley’s ‘One & Other’ Plinth Project

September 2, 2009

How to dress for an hour on the plinth

Hadley Freeman can ease your fashion pain

Pigeon in london

The pigeon look: a hot new trend coming to a plinth near you soon? Photograph: Jon Cartwright/Getty Images/Flickr RM

What should I wear on the plinth? I’ll be doing the crossword and having a cup of tea, and will certainly not be wearing a cute animal costume. But colour? And accessories? It’s a worry.

Ann, Glasgow

Ann, I’m not going to lie to you. Some questions with a practical context bring joy to my heart – what to wear on University Challenge, say – because I highly approve of the context itself. This, however, does not. I am dismayed by this Trafalgar Square plinth malarkey. Have we now fallen so low in terms of artistic skills that we can’t even shove a wheel up there? Even just an uncarved hunk of stone? No, apparently all we can offer up is a selection of, um, people. I am not denigrating you, Ann, I am merely denigrating the idea. And to those of you saying, “Why don’t you come up with an idea, you smartarse?” How about this? I’ll come up with three:

1. A big statue of a pigeon – this is my favourite. A giant stone pigeon. Awesomeness to the power of a million.

2. A statue of a man looking up – get it? Just as you’re looking up at the statue, the statue is looking up at the sky. That postmodern enough for ya, Gormley?

3. A pigeon looking up – sorry, I really can’t get past the pigeon idea.

But fine, I appreciate that nothing I say here is going to make the slightest difference and, more importantly, this is not what you came here for today. You’re going on the plinth and I’m just going to have to deal.

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