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Second Birthday Of This Blog Gone And Forgotten (Almost)

September 21, 2009

September 12th passed me by without a peep. No trumpets trumpeting, no drumroll, no pomp and ceremony, no dancing girls (or in this instance I would have preferred guys), no fanfare at all. There was no notice of the 12th’s “impending arrival” listed on my cell-phone’s “things to do,” no daily reminders sent to my computer, nothing written on my often used, glossy paper calendar, the one with a different and stunning Wolf Kahn painting for each month. But if I had written anything down about this blog’s upcoming second birthday, I would have seen it for sure despite said calendar being buried in an untidy drawer stuffed with last year’s version along with screw-drivers, ball-point pens and a gazillion paper scraps with things written on them that must have seemed awfully important at the time. Why else would I have kept them? But there was nothing written there either. 

Last year I remembered long in advance, because I was so thrilled and proud of myself that I had kept writing for almost a year. I re-read Anne Lamott’s riotously funny “Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life,” for the fifth or sixth time as encouragement for writing and it kept me going when I wanted to do everything and anything else but write. Scrubbing the  kitchen floor never looked so inviting. 

Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life CoverWhy do artists sometimes/often/always “create” avoidances for the things they love to do, have to do, can’t live without? Why is it sometimes so hard to get started, but once begun it is one of the greatest experiences in the world? The eternal riddle. But somehow I muddled through. 

So dear blog, I apologize profusely for not only being unaware of the date, but of completely forgetting your arrival into the terrible twos, a mini, mini milestone for both of us.

Had I remembered, I might have thrown a masquerade party and invited all my blogging friends, but that would have probably left just four of us standing on the front steps. So I’ll just wish this blog a belated yet happy second birthday and look forward to another year together.


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