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Should Obama accept the Nobel peace prize?

October 9, 2009

If Obama and his people try to act like the Nobel peace prize was really deserved, he could damage himself politically.

Barack Obama, G20 summit, Pittsburgh

The Nobel peace prize goes to Barack Obama – but should he accept? Photograph: John Moore/Getty Images

Did Barack Obama earn this Nobel Peace Prize? Obviously not. The world’s stockpile of nuclear weapons (the main specific area of his “work” named in the citation) hasn’t decreased by one that I’m aware of since he took office. He hasn’t made a dent in the Middle East yet. Iran hasn’t suddenly seen the light.

And, yes, there is the irony that he is in fact a war president, even now consulting with his top military people and (if I had to guess) preparing to send more troops not fewer to Afghanistan.

It must be said that it hasn’t been a great year for peace any way you slice it (how many years are?). Still and all, I’d have to think there were many better choices.

Read more at The Guardian:

Should Obama accept the Nobel peace prize?

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