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To the Midwest and back again

December 1, 2009

After a whirlwind trip back to the Midwest where N and I spent a minute moment with each of our respective families, we are back home again in the Pacific Northwest.

Thanksgiving day was spent with N’s ex and their kids in Illinois. What’s that you say? Dinner with the ex? Not only did we spend TG day with her but we stayed overnight in her house too, which was really great. Also not the first time we have done so as she and I seem to get on quite well. And amazingly she made, for the second year running, a completely gluten-free dinner so I could partake in absolutely everything. (And not one of the many non GF folk could tell the difference.) Plus she’s knowledgable about a gluten-free diet, so didn’t feel I had to quiz her about things like sauces where much of the hidden dangers lurk. Now wouldn’t it be great if all ex’s and current’s could get along!?

Then it was off to see my kids in Wisconsin. So when N drives, I enjoy taking photos from the moving car because listening to the radio is virtually impossible when the two people “encapsulated”  in a vehicle together have radically different tastes in music – as well as programing, and I like to have something to do if I’m a passenger.

Being in Wisconsin was wonderful (still miss it so), surrounded by my family and friends, all of whom had enjoyed their Thanksgiving dinners elsewhere, so we were not obliged to dine on leftovers; a good excuse for all of us to eat out!

And so we did.

Hope everyone in the US had a great Thanksgiving weekend with their loved ones!

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