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Antony Gormley’s rooftop sculptures are making New Yorkers jumpy

March 12, 2010

Gormley's Event Horizon

In Manhattan 27 of the 31 statues by Antony Gormley will be put on rooftops

Police are trying to reassure New Yorkers that life-sized figures placed on rooftops by the British sculptor Antony Gormley are not people contemplating suicide.

The New York police department issued a statement after the first of the 31 figures started going up around Madison Square Park in lower Manhattan.

The police are trying to avert a spate of emergency calls similar to those made after the exhibition went on display in London in 2007.

“We were notified because of concerns the public might misperceive what they see and call police. We will respond no matter what because you can have an actual jumper at the same building,” a police spokesman said.

The 6ft (1.8m) iron and fibreglass sculptures are bodycasts of Gormley.

There will be 27 on rooftops and ledges and four will be placed at ground level around Madison Square Park.

Gormley said: “I want to play with the city and people’s perceptions. My intention is to get the sculptures as close to the edge of the buildings as possible.”

Read more at: Antony Gormley’s rooftop sculptures are making New Yorkers jumpy

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