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MKM Presents a Retrospective Exhibition Featuring Anthony Cragg “Things on the Mind”

February 26, 2011

 Tony Cragg, Outspan

Outspan 2008  Bronze h: 74.8 x w: 78.7 x d: 48.8 in

DUISBURG.- The MKM is kicking off the year 2011 with a retrospective exhibition featuring Anthony Cragg, on view from February 24 through June 13, 2011. Entitled Things on the Mind, it brings together some 50 sculptures, in addition to drawings and graphic art by Cragg, selected from his key work-phases. Occupying an area of some 1000 sq.m., the exhibition furnishes an overview of the artist’s total oeuvre and juxtaposes his early works with his more recent output.

“For me myself, it’s very exciting “, explains Tony Cragg, “because there never has been an exhibition with works spanning almost 40 years.” The viewer experiences how Things on the Mind gradually takes shape and evolves, and how each artistic solution prepares the following one: “As soon as a sculpture is finished, I’m basically ready for the next, thinking of new paths to tread or new things I want to investigate or forms I have to try out.

The exhibition is staged as part of the AKADEMOS series, which presents in loose sequence works by professors of the Düsseldorf Art Academy.


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